Vision and Strategy

Last month, I wrote about challenges business managers face and promised to add to the issues of staff motivation and management an article on vision and strategy.

Strategy and vision starts with one person, a single staff member – even yourself. Where do you see yourself going in terms of working in an organisation? Are you spending enough time on the big things? This is the VISION part.

If you already share similar goals with your organisation, how do you realise these goals? This is the STRATEGY part.

Some people have come to me and commented that it is easy to be motivated when you have as compelling a goal as say, climbing Mt Everest. However, vision can be as modest as your goals in the next six months e.g. pass those exams , organise a friend’s wedding and so on. You need to be a bit clear of what the vision is , and more importantly, what it is not. Without clarity of purpose, much energy is wasted fire-fighting and being side-tracked.

The Strategy part can best be outlined as to the broad steps you will take to achieve the vision. In this short space, let me leave you with a simple daily tip. Everyday, no matter what, do ONE thing that brings you closer to that goal. It could be fruitful lunch discussion, a phone call, a completed proposal mailed, a desk cleared – ANYTHING -so long as you feel you are one more step closer to the dream being fulfilled.

Those interested to explore their motivation quotient or how they cope with opportunities and obstacles in life and work should inquire about my Q02 Workshops and boost their Moving Towards Goals energy levels. Until next year.