Gathering the Believers

Before embarking on any project or venture in life, it is vital to look at the available support for the project. I call this Gathering the Believers. The harder and more ambitious the project, the more critical it is to make sure all those involved believe in what they are doing. This does not mean you should surround yourself with ” yes” men. Rather, followers , helpers and contributors to the project must trust that their own strength and belief can make the venture succeed. Keep away the talk-no-action people, sceptics and others who will bring unjustified negativity to the project.

In 1994, it was a challenging task to select team members and contributors to the Everest climb. Committing to a four year plan with little guarantee of a successful outcome. Of the 13 climbing members inducted, eventually 8 remained. More telling, all three of our key support members; Dr Shani Tan (medical), Col Bruce Niven (basecamp manager) and Johann Annuar (communications) stayed with us through the course of our expedition.

TRY THIS: Look at your current project/ sales/ action team. How many can you say are ‘ believers’? Are their performance levels on par with your expectations?