Negotiating To Win™

Improving Your Negotiation Skills- Negotiating to Win™

Most buy/sell side professionals are failing to get what they deserve simply because of a poor understanding of how to negotiate fees and terms effectively. Applying just ONE of the skills you will learn at our in-house or public seminars can help you succeed in your next negotiation.

The workshop was terrific. Both Ross and I have used many of your techniques already; and I might add quite successfully. I understood where and how much power I had in the negotiation each time. Once I did that I then determined the best style to use based on the work we did, and I ended up with three very close results. Additionally I have put the “nibble” to good use in those negotiations. David, you are a real inspiration.

David Hogan
Alliance Construction Materials Ltd.


…wonderful negotiation skills workshop.It was very well presented and conducted. The material was very relevant and certainly applicable to what we are doing in our day to day business.

Mario Sorbello
Manager – Contracts
SLS Bearings (S) Pte Ltd


I have been in sales for ten years and was quite confident about my style before attending David’s workshop.  I learnt very quickly in his course however that I was using only a few techniques and there were many more available especially in terms of negotiating tactics.  In-fact (this year) I have quadrupled my sales target, which was helped enormously by putting into practice the things I learnt on this course.

Grant Rawlinson
Sales Manager, Subsea

In one or two-day formats, our  Negotiating to Win™ workshop teach you how to:

  • Negotiate more effectively immediately
  • Improve negotiation skills in probing and listening
  • Improve your negotiating style through a validated psychometric tool
  • Avoid common negotiation mistakes
  • Use up to 20 strategies and tactics
  • Ask for, and give concessions effectively
  • Negotiate with real case studies and exercises

Contents of the seminar


  • POWERFUL skills of WORLDCLASS negotiators
  • 10 KEY factors and great questioning skills
  • SECRETS OF asking and giving concessions effectively
  • IMPROVING YOUR NEGOTIATION STYLE BY Using the Rahim Organisational Conflict  (ROCI-II) assessment (see basis of assessment here – click link to download 2 pages)
  • to negotiate from a WEAK POSITION
  • 20 MUST-USE strategies, tactics and counters
  • Developing your own personal action plan FOR SUCCESS IN EVERY NEGOTIATION

Key Highlights & Advantages

Negotiation skills is the most underrated leadership competency, and the one most approached with incomplete understanding of the language of persuasion. Negotiating To Win (NTW) is unique in helping you discover your own unique negotiation style through the validated instrument, the Rahim Organisational Conflict Inventory, real case study simulated negotiations, and a raft of tactics and strategies.

NEW: Discover and take advantage of your unique, preferred negotiation style using the ROCI-II negotiation styles assessment. Now available ONLINE and get your unique score in a PDF analysis booklet when you join one of our programmes.

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  • Presentation of content: 55%
  • Simulated negotiations: 25%
  • Group discussions: 10%
  • Co-created action plans: 10%

Who Should Attend?
Anyone selling or buying services and products, procurement professionals,
consultants, sales executives, and business owners.

Follow-up options  that we provide for your sustained learning:

  • 26 or 52-week negotiation tip-sheet  – see sample attached
  • Negotiating to Win audio-CD set covering all the content and more ( 3 hours value)
  • Masters of Impact Negotiation book – and anthology of the best ideas on negotiations from the ‘masters’ of negotiation.
  • Phone and 1:1 coaching prior to your next major negotiation meetings