Opportunity or Obstacle

Do you tend to see events as opportunities or obstacles? How we view this is a complex result of deep mental programming based on our preferences, context, past experiences and lifestyle. Let me give you an example. Last week, I made a small navigational error while driving. The result was a need to drive more than a kilometre to reach a U-turn to allow me to continue my journey with my wife, Maureen, as planned. Such frustrations would normally lead to some venting and grumpiness. However, on this occasion, I chose consciously to re-frame the existing situation into a positive one. I said that it was an opportunity to spend more time with my wife. Almost immediately, I relaxed, my mood swing moved into the ‘ happy’ phase and the rest of the ride was a pleasant one.

How we deal with opportunities or obstacles in life can significantly impact our work and life – too much of looking at ‘ opportunities’ and we may fail to see potential pitfalls, lack of resources and ability, and basically fall flat because of our overly rosy assessment of a situation. Too much of ‘ obstacles’ thinking, and nothing gets off the ground. This can impact team thinking and your organisation’s ability to innovate and take risks.

The Internet radio station, Radio DAER, started out in a small in 1998. After exponential growth, it now has over 1 million listeners every month. The man behind the dream? 18-year-old Daniel Anstandig, from Beachwood, Ohio. He learned quickly that creativity pays off in overcoming obstacles

Anstandig soon knew he needed professional legal advice in order to protect the fledging radio station but couldn’t afford the legal fees. He pored over his business contacts and he found an attorney willing to donate his services. Anstandig now realises that the perceived ‘obstacle’ of youth in business was really an advantage in this situation. If he had been 30 years old, he would not have not received such positive pro bono responses.

So the tip of the month is simply this – try looking and re-framing your current problems and see if a positive side of it can be used to turn the situation around. Do this once a week. It works.

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