About Us

Delivering impactful, motivating messages that are calls for action. Since 1999, discover why we have had over 600 paid presentations delivered in 30 countries; adding impact and value to conferences. kick-offs, and special events. Established by Everest expedition leader David Lim, CSP in 1999, Everest Motivation Team offers people and organisations success tools; delivered in fun, engaging solutions.

Everest Motivation Team helps organizations and teams through

Members of our team have been part of Mt Everest expeditions, sailed the seas, and have decades of corporate experience in hand. Our people have ‘walked the talk’. David and his team have delivered presentations and workshops to thousands of participants in 71 cities and 30 countries.

We design and deliver fun, exciting, teambuilding and leadership programmes geared to get your outcomes. Subscribe to David’s decade-long Life Without Limits e-newsletter to get it directly, or come later and find the main article on the home page.

Get results you can track!

Your Organisation Can Benefit From Getting:

  • Effective tools they can apply immediately at work
  • Key skills of high-performing teams
  • Negotiating To Win™ skills to improve sales and bottomlines
  • Coaching skills to help themselves and others succeed
  • Growing leaders that close the knowing-doing gap
  • Measuring your ROI from our programmes

For more details, Check out our programmes page.