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Recently have had the experience of David presenting to our Asia Pacific sales and pre-sales team on how to apply the lessons learnt from Climbing Mount Everest and in a Sales leadership context. David’s ability to inspire based on his experience and drawing relevant examples on team leadership and the concept of Stretch goals were extremely helpful and motivational for the team to start to think, act and aim high.

Guhan Periasamy
Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at Kewill Systems

David recently recently took part to our Asia Oceania top management conference. His message, energy and incredible background delighted the audience and gave a great energy to the participants.

Christophe Martin
Asia Oceania President at VOLVO GROUP, Trucks Sales and Marketing

You were fantastic and I was enthralled with your stories and wonderful motivation. We had many positive comments from guests who were inspired by your words.

Holly Evans
Sailors Society (UK)

I enjoyed very much working with David who was greatly able to bring our company’s core values to live, with his own impressive experiences.

Arthur Wang
Managing Director.
Robert Walters (China)

From our side I just want to take the opportunity again to say THANK YOU so much for the 3 sessions that you did in Shenzhen and Bentonville. We appreciate your time and the initial (verbal) feedback has been positive. People are still talking about the sessions (even a week later). It was inspiring, motivating and impactful. Thank you!!!

Anelda Venter
Project Analyst II – Global Organizational Effectiveness at Walmart

David’s speech was truly uplifting and inspirational. His adventures have given him excellent life lessons that he is able to translate into everyday experiences. There wasn’t a dull moment in his speech, and he has a marvelous sense of humor. I would recommend David to anyone who has an opportunity to hear him speak. Don’t hesitate it will be a valuable use of your time that you won’t regret

Neal Swanda

I have to first start my complimenting you on an excellent performance during our leadership conference last December. We received the most positive feedback on your session for the whole conference as our colleagues were so moved and motivated by your stories. Thank you so much for delivering the unforgettable experience to us.

Deshon Teo
General Manager
Sales & Marketing
Daimler Financial Services (Africa & Asia Pacific)

It was a pleasure to work with you again – you delivered an excellent session and it was very well-received by everyone in the audience.

Jennifer Lim
Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific
ACI Worldwide

Your presentation did make an impact on the attendees – they have been talking about “fierce dialogues” ,some in a fun way, and some in serious tone .  I am sure you are happy to hear of the “retained” takeaway.

Rita Chan
HR Director, Asia Pacific/Singapore
ACI Worldwide

it was a real pleasure to enjoy your speech in Beijing… I have saved time over this coming weekend to read you book and know more about your great ideas around leadership…

Ariel Lorenzo
China and North Asia Manufacturing Lead
Monsanto Far East Limited

David’s talk correlating his mountaineering principles to organisational challenges was rivetting and provided a refreshing perspective on commonalities between the 2 seemingly contrasting disciplines. His personal accomplishments added a touch of inspiration to the entire talk

Shekhar Ganapathy
President – South Asia,
ACI Worldwide

This is an unsolicited “plug” for the Negotiating to Win course by David Lim. The last time he conducted this for our association members, everyone who attended got huge value from his insights and class exercises,. Enjoy learning, sharing, helping each other to create and receive more value. Very strongly recommended!

Ron Kaufman
New York Times Bestselling Author of “Uplifting Service”


“..congratulations again on an inspiring, motivating and thought provoking leadership key note speach at the IHG China Leaders Meeting last week. I totally admire your strength of character and leadership. As you say, “you cant conquer mountains by sitting inside the tent”.

Jolyon Bulley
Senior VP Operations
Greater China
InterContinental Hotels Group


THANK YOU so much for coming this morning and for your inspirational leadership speech.  I know everyone left feeling “what a great kick of to the first 2012 Interbank Forum!”

Sarah Hallstrom,
Business School Asia Pacific


For me I had 2 key takeaways from your session:

1. Obstacles are things that we chose to put in our way

2. When unexpected things happen to us, accept the new paradigm (possibly after a few days of feeling sorry for oneself!) and set goals based on the new paradigm.

Personally I liked your style of presentation, I find that a lot of motivational speakers can be very ‘showy’ where as I found your style very down to earth.

Glenn Williams
Chief Executive Officer
AXA Life Insurance Singapore Private Limited


I’ve gained great insights from listening and engaging David who has overcome tremendous personal odds to realise breakthroughs and feats. He is able to connect well with his audience, leave lasting impressions and impart lessons on self-management, personal leadership and resilience which are key attributes that one needs to possess as a professional, manager, leader

Gopakumar Nair,
Deputy Director Service Excellence & Plans
Biomedical Sciences Institutes Business Centre,
A*STAR (business partner)


Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts on scaling new heights and leading teams.  Many of the points are direct and resonance with the middle managers in our group.  I believe that some of us will definitely look inwards to our own leadership principles/ style against the key points you have shared with us.

Alan C K Tan
Regional Development Manager,
Asia Pacific
Carlson Wagonlit Travel

I found your presentation engaging, stimulating and thought provoking. …

Your presentation got our two day session off to a good start and feedback from the team was extremely positive. So much so, that there was energy within the team to further review our goals, aspirations and way forward during an unplanned third day of discussions.

Phil Blackler
Shell LNG

We had a high level of energy for the 2 days, extended into a 3rd unplanned day, and realise that if we’re going to deliver a big new deal this year beyond our agreed “SMART” goals we’re going to have to work together, and work smarter.  You can take some credit for that.

Tom Kennedy
Portfolio Development Manager
Global LNG at Shell Eastern Trading

I was working for Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee and attended your motivational speech at Suntec City last year. It was really good… that part that I liked most is the key quality of being a leader … that you must WANT IT… it’s really difficult if you don’t.  Will definitely keep you in mind as we move along this year

Jiaren Low
CIO Engagement Program Manager,
APJ Regional Marketing, HP Enterprise Services at HP

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and to listen to your outstanding presentation. Your story is certainly motivational and I know we can apply your message to our day to day lives.

Stacey Galbraith, CMP
Global ConferencesCiena

Our team deeply appreciated your entire program and could relate to it very well.I heard all positive comments in the conversations which were taking place informally all over later in the day as well as over the next few days. A big thank you to you and also to your team mates who did a great job in conducting the teambuilding session.

Pankaj Mittal

The participants loved your presentation and has asked if they could have the S5 you shared at the session so they can refresh themselves with it periodically.

Pauline Wan
Jones Lang Lasalle

I was at the Oliver Wyman event in Phuket where you gave a talk last Friday. When I was told that we had a “motivational speaker” coming, I expected something trite, even corny. Instead, .. your talk was extremely inspiring.

It gave me the extra nudge I needed to get me “out of my tent”.

Santiago Barona
Management Consultant
Oliver Wyman


..thanks again for your inspiring talk on Friday.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!  I had many of my colleagues approach me after the meeting and that evening  saying that they really were inspired by your story.  There was one colleague that told me that even some of his most cynical people indicated that your story moved them to do some deeper thinking about motivation and inspiration.

Glen T. Matsumoto
EQT Partners Inc.

I found your presentation very inspirational. Your experience, being somewhat unique to speakers in your area of expertise, made many connections to leadership but in a very different way than I have been used to, which really made an impact.  I am looking forward to reading your book.  The rest of the day’s team building exercises were most enjoyable and helped to align many leadership and team work objectives with your earlier talk.  I was surprised how relevant the exercises were. I recently spent 2 days in an offsite with the Australian management team and although we spoke many times of team work and communication, with a facilitator,  the day I spent with Everest was far more inspiring and I personally got more out of it and at a deeper level.

I commend you on the program.

Ian Wearne
IES Business Manager

Deutsche Bank AG – Australia & New Zealand

Having just finished reading your book, ….It is a wonderful book where I learned many new things about mountaineering and team work:

a) The bigger the challenge then the more critical it is to keep a team together and finding common ground to rally around

b) Big goals and impressive achievements are never done through committees, you portray that particularly well

c) Leadership is not given – it is taken

d) You found a fine balance managing a team/the selfishness of strong individuals, both needed to reach great goals

Kasper Rorsted
Henkel AG & Co KGaA

David Lim’s address to our Global conference was not only inspiring, but was pertinent, insightful and totally uplifting. All the delegates who I met afterwards, were highly enthusiastic about the things they had heard and seen, and were full of praise for David, his delivery, his story and, surprisingly, for me as I had engaged him to speak. Despite being given the ‘graveyard’ slot, David was able to bring the delegate back to ‘life’, and in fact due, I suspect to the power of texting and iPads, a significant number of those who were initially missing, came back into the session to hear him

Graeme Gordon
Executive Director,
Praxity AISBL

David first facilitated a Lessons from Everest session for IFF in 2008. David took the time to understand our business issues and deliver a spot on target session which delighted and inspired the senior management team. We were so impressed, we asked David back this year to our regional meeting in Shanghai. He once again delivered an insightful and energising session with new material and a fresh perspective. I would thoroughly recommend David to any organisation looking to inspire their team ‘Beyond the Limits'”

Karen Stanton
Regional Marketing, Sensory & Consumer Insights Director
IFF   International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

From what we heard from staff, Anthony and the Oliver Wyman Partners, they really liked your speech A LOT and felt you hit the right notes. They also appreciate it that you managed to connect it to Anthony’s and Scott’s earlier speeches.

Isabel Rijk,
APR Training and Events
Oliver Wyman

As always, you got the group immediately engaged and everyone went away uplifted by your story and more importantly,  ready to embrace the challenges and journey ahead (and believe me, we do have big challenges and changes ahead of us!). It was once again a roaring success and a great kick off for the workshop!  Thank you once again!

Judy Hsu
Group Head, Wealth Management (APAC)
Consumer Banking -Standard Chartered Bank

As you could tell and feel in the room, your presentation was the most inspiring talk for us.  We all loved the way you translate real life experiences of aspirations and overcoming impossible challenges into practical and applicable lessons for us all.You left us with inspiring thoughts and a lot to reflect and act on.

Lily Lee
Head of Pharmaceutical R&D, Asia Pacific
Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson &  Johnson

…The session was brilliant, so say the least. Pitched at the right level and very appropriate for the audience…

Rubin Pather
Regional Business Director
Integrated Supply and Trading (Eastern Hemisphere)
British Petroleum
{on our Negotiating to Win workshops)

I want to acknowledge your effort in the last 2 days in delivering a very relevant and useful negotiation workshop. I personally picked quite a few practical tips.
Additionally, thanks for your help in preparing me for the negotiation meeting I was going to have.

David Wee
Lee Hecht Harrison (Singapore)


I found your presentation very inspirational. Your experience, being somewhat unique to speakers in your area of expertise, made many connections to leadership but in a very different way than I have been used to, which really made an impact. I am looking forward to reading your book. The rest of the day’s team building exercises were most enjoyable and helped to align many leadership and team work objectives with your earlier talk. I was surprised how relevant the exercises were. I recently spent 2 days in an offsite with the Australian management team and although we spoke many times of team work and communication, with a facilitator, the day I spent with Everest was far more inspiring and I personally got more out of it and at a deeper level.
I commend you on the program.
Ian Wearne
IES Business Manager
Deutsche Bank AG – Australia & New Zealand

As always, you got the group immediately engaged and everyone went away uplifted by your story and more importantly, ready to embrace the challenges and journey ahead (and believe me, we do have big challenges and changes ahead of us!). It was once again a roaring success and a great kick off for the workshop! Thank you once again!
Judy Hsu
Group Head, Wealth Management (APAC)
Consumer Banking
Standard Chartered Bank

You probably don’t remember me. We met at an AIA agents convention in Kyoto, I think in March 2007. After your presentation, and on your request, I dotted one eye of a (dharma doll), with the idea of dotting the other eye after some achievement. In that moment I committed to go back to studying, doing an MBA. I have done that. Not quite in the league of climbing Mt Everest and overcoming a serious disease, but there were some challenging moments, and that puppet, in other words: you kept me going – and perhaps even let me chase that distinction. That’s something I am really grateful for, and I wanted to let you know.
Detloff Rump, ex-Chief Underwriter, AIA

Your presentation impressed us with its simple but insightful facts about being successful.. Your contribution was essential to make this a success and you were quoted in succession, many times.
Stefan Ziegler
Chief Executive Officer
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Asia Pte Ltd

I do resonate with your definition of SMART and have chosen to change “A=Achievable” to “A=Aspiration”. 🙂
Rajeev Batra
Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd.

I personally was very impressed by your presentation – specifically the five keys of the Alpinist Attitude. Surely these can be adopted both at work and non-work opportunities. Thanks and Regards,
Arvind Tawde
Sr. Vice President & CIO
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Seldom have I come across such an inspiring speaker . The key messages ‘don’t get bogged down by adversity’ were well received and set just the right context for our day
Manoj Namboodiri
Brand& Category Director, Asia/AMEFonterra
Brands (Asia Holdings) Pte Ltd

…. impressed with your speech in our company Foundation Day. You pointed out some of the very key points in life and in the management of a company. I have to say that some of the things are very difficult to do. But as you said, it is a journey, you won’t enjoy the fruits if you did not work for it. Most importantly, respect and trust have to be earned. Your entire speech is very well crafted, the impact is not just the first 5 minutes or the last
5 minutes. I believe it will act as a pointer to me for a long long time.
Yeo Por Heng
Fujitsu (Singapore)

Your interactive presentation on Extreme Leadership was really inspiring and highly motivational one. It was indeed out of the world….learning experience on Leadership for me and other CIO present. We were spell bound by your interactive presentation and aligning to reality based on your experience…you had gone through…leading to insightful experience. Certainly I personally I gained great inspiring insights from your presentation…and I will certainly apply the learning’s in my workspace as well as in my personal life.
Chief Information Officer
Otis Elevators (India)

It was a pleasure to meet you and hear you speak on leadership. In fact, all the speakers throughout the conference had made references to your discourse. It was awe-inspiring and really powerful. I look forward to more insightful sessions with you.
Sujay Nair
9dot9 India

Just wanted to let you know that after attending your talk at YPO, Mumbai, I was motivated to sign up for the Expedition to the North Pole, a YPO event celebrating 100 years of Peary’s expedition on April 6, 1909!
Pritam Doshi
CEO, Pae Ltd

And yes, feedback on your session was absolutely positive! 120 feedback forms were received after the Conference and 100% rated you as “Very Good” or “Good”. Thank you David, for sharing so much with us. Your Lessons From Everest couldn’t be delivered in any better time than this … I’ve got Associates telling me that they slept that night with your words ringing in their mind. Thank you for motivating all of us.
Madeleine Seow,
Marketing and Communications Manager
Orange Tee


I personally very much enjoyed your presentation as I know did everyone whom I spoke to who was present. It served exactly the intended purpose of breaking people out of their usual field of focus and moving them into an area of endeavour that most would not be familiar with and a level of perseverence that is an inspiration to all.
James Riley
Group Finance Controller
Jardine Matheson

Most of the team were extremely happy and dare I say, motivated by your achievements. Thank you for bringing your experience to life in front of my team in India – the examples and incidences were very well picked, and the fact that they came straight from your heart, made a huge impact on the audience. I have had nothing but great feedback on your session, and I am very glad we chose you.
Anshul Jain
CEO – India

The feedback that we had from your session was outstanding.
Paul Fletcher
Senior Partner

Thank you very much for the inspirational and authentic presentation you gave to us. There was much discussion about ‘stretch goals’ and beliefs last night over dinner – you truly inspired and motivated us! It was the perfect message to the team and exactly on target to where we are at as an organisation.
Karen Stanton
Regional Marketing, Sensory & Consumer Insights Director
IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Our participants were excited about your presentation. The experience and learnings you shared with us not only provide a different angle to view  leadership in action, but also echo the messages our host and other guest speakers delivered. Definitely one of the most favored topics at our Leadership Seminar!
Camille Mirshokrai
Director of Leadership Development

Thanks from all of us at STA Travel – I have had great feedback on your presentation which managed to hit all the right chords and even appealed to all the nationalities from the Americans to the Germans to the Japanese – something very rare indeed.
Peter Liney
STA Travel

Your presentation was enlightening to me. Your goals and methods are realistic and achievable. Your down to earth approach relates to the real world most are experiencing.
Chris Cheong
A. Vice President
DTZ Debenham Tie Leung

Thank you very much for your inspiring presentation, which continued to be a topic of discusson among my colleagues over the two days of our conference Your experience and leadership programmes will be relevant for driving change and high-performance
Jill Lee
Senior Executive Vice President & CFO
Siemens Ltd. China

I want to sincerely thank you for a wonderful and inspiring session yesterday. I believe that your session has left a deep impact in many of us, who will carry these values in line with
Covidien values.
Julie Lim
Regional Product Director, Critical Care
Tyco Healthcare Pte Ltd


Your presentation was right on Target, these top Premier qualifiers are in the top one tenth of 1% but account for well over 10% of our new business. You have raised their sights and made them realize that they have so much more to achieve if they take advantage of the here and now. Your real life examples touched our hearts and minds. As you said, achieving meaningful stretch targets is the real key because anyone can simply set a goal.

Jamie Rains
Senior Vice-President and Chief Agency Officer
Agency+ Distribution, SE Asia
American International Assurance

I was completely blown away with your session. … and I look forward to being able to work together again in Shell.

Shahrukh Marfatia
Regional Vice-President, Human Resources – OperationsEast

Thanks a lot for the Resilience Quotient™ profiling. It was an interesting session and the feedback that we have received from participants has been very positive. They feel that your session was extremely useful for them and they were able to relate it to their work. Thanks once again and hope to interact with you in other assignments in future.

Shivakumar Shankar
Sr. Vice President – Retail Insurance
Murugappa-Cholamandalam Group

“To tell the truth, I was sceptical at first – that this teambuilding programme could make a difference. But since the programme, people have been more pro-active, and I have been getting more reports and information from staff in a timely and helpful fashion”

Gerrit Kuyntjes,
Managing Director
J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Inc.

I enjoyed your session and benefited from it; particularly the interactive style you adopted and the exercise you engaged participants on the selection of your Mt Everest team for final push. The use of actual life examples was powerful to illustrate each of your strategic points. For me, your session of 90 minutes or more just flew by.

Shu Khoo
Regional Human Resource Director,
AXA Insurance

You presentation visibly struck a chord with many [of our staff] and provoked much introspection. Indeed, I also sensed a heightened level of enthusiasm, and from the positive feedback we received on your sharing, I believe it has been a job well done.

Loh Kian Beng Tonny
Senior Manager , Work Pass Division
Ministry of Manpower

The material you used was exceptionally powerful, and the way you put the messages across to the team was very effective. The session was very well received by the audience and went better than we could have expected. Having sat through two days of Powerpoint slides already I am sure the audience was a tough one, but the feedback we received was
overwhelmingly positive.

Patrick Graham
Channel Development + Operations Director
GE Consumer Finance, UK

You were wonderful…. you coached ~ you counselled ~ you inspired ! You pressed all the right buttons and subtly yet impactfully reminded all of the leadership and attitudes that bring success for a team. Your session was very well received by all members of our team.

Diana Yeo,
Hilton Hotel
Operations Director

I want to thank you for today’s course. It was the best course I have ever attended. I have attended a lot of courses on team performances and I attended today’s course with a mindset to see if there’s anything different about your course compared to others. I went home thinking through the things you said and I think they are really useful and practical – not only in work but also in personal relationships. I learnt a lot and I hope more people will benefit from your course.

Wu Xiang Yun
Housing Development Board

Many thanks for the great program you tailor made for us. Feedback to date has been positive, and we will take action to consolidate the team work built by the program you developed for us. Your team was professional and dedicated and I truly appreciated this.

Clare Williams, PMP
Oracle Corporation

Your keynote speech…has left every one of us at once inspired and humbled. Many were speechless and lost in introspection; others were searching for words to express a sudden surge of self-belief; and at least one participant kept repeating that it was an event that has already changed his life. When we did a re-cap the next morning, participants fell over each other to call out their favourite point from your presentation. We filled 3 slides with the points that were recalled. Thank you for an outstanding performance.

Shyam C Raman
General Manager – HR – Financial Services Group
Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Limited
Chennai, India

Immediately prior to attending the program, I was going through a period of introspection and certain degree of frustration, mainly because I had allowed myself to be affected by the behaviour of a few people around me. Your program helped me to refocus my attention on what I can do instead of thinking about how I am affected by others.

Dr. S.S.Pillai,
Vice President (Bioproducts),
E.I.D.Parry (India) Ltd

We received fabulous feedback from our agents on your presentation. Some of the details of feedback we received for your session:

  • inspiring,
  • enhanced my self belief
  • motivating
  • greatest session we ever had
  • and thus the rating for your session was very high.

Jane Hue
Brand and Communications Dept
Prudential Malaysia Sdn Bhd

We have received very positive feedback from our colleagues. In fact, for the rest of the Meeting, we hear your useful mindset-shifting phrases (such as “is this a fact of belief?” and “we’re using 100% of what we have” ) being used frequently.

Ms Leow Yeng Yeng
Manager, Assurance Strategy Meeting
Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That’s how I feel after Monday; and exactly how I still feel now! Believe it or not ~ my adrenalin levels are still very much boosted from that spectacular day. Never had there been another more impactful programme that has left me so chargedup and inspired!

Ms Bita Seow
Deputy Director
Account Management Group
Singapore Telecommunications ( 8th Dec 2004 )

Thank you for the wonderful team building session. Our leader, Tom Daly was most appreciative about the whole program. You mentioned some outdoor team games during our meeting at our office. We want to know more about those activities. It will be a pleasure to work with you again.

Pramoda R Karkal
Managing Director
Johnson Controls (S) Pte Ltd ( 28th Oct 2004 )

Feedback on your facilitators were also very good…they are very professional & experienced in conducting the games & debriefing. Most of them found your talk very inspirational & is like a ‘wake up call’ to them. Thank you all for such an enlightening session!!

Ms Leong Yoke Leng
Administration Manager
ERA Singapore Pte Ltd (18 Oct 2004)

We had our directors’ meeting yesterday and the feedback on both your talk & afternoon teambuilding games were very good. Our agents really enjoyed themselves very much & were actually asking for more of such activities! We certainly will not hesitate to call on you for future seminars to train and develop our talents.

Mr Yau Kok Seng,
Managing Director,
Sunway Holdings Sdn Bhd. ( 11th Oct 2004 )

Thanks again for your keynote speech at UGS’ executive client event in Qingdao, China. Your speech was the highest rated session at the event. The themes in your presentation were very well aligned with the business challenges that our clients face. The time that you spent with my team preparing for this event was also extremely valuable. Because of this, our corporate presenters were able to link the mountaineering metaphor together with our corporate messages.

Ron Close
VP Asia Pacific Business Strategy and Marketing
UGS Asia Pacific

The feedback for the “Lessons from Mt. Everest” programme was very positive, with 94% of the respondents rating its Quality as Good to Excellent, and 82% rating its Relevance as Good to Excellent. In addition to ratings, we also collected textual comments. – Great perspectives and a good addition to this workshop – Inspirational !!!

M. Leong
Programme Director
Computer Sciences Corporation, Singapore

Very good feedback, even from our most jaded people. Well done. It has allowed us to introduce a whole way of thinking about planning — what is your Everest? It is the big goal, one that takes several years to achieve, requires other people to help, and has a 50% success factor. People have found this concept powerful. Other areas that I heard resonate:
“The difference between picking the peak and building the right team, versus finding the right team and then picking a peak is quite thought-provoking.”
“I need to spend more time doing the big things.”
“I was very sceptical a mountaineer would have anything to say about management that I
would find relevant. In fact, I learned a lot. This guy knows a lot about leadership.”

Charles Ormiston
Managing Director,
Bain and Company

I never had the chance to write and thank you sincerely for the most inspiring talk you presented. The feedback I have received cited your presentation as one of THE highlights of our four day meeting. People were captivated both by your informative and articulative style … It was much appreciated and was also a highlight for me too.

Christopher Snook
Regional Director ( OTC ) , Novartis

I was very happy with the presentation. The content was pitched at the right level and many of my colleagues have expressed their appreciation of the
presentation…You managed to use your time allowance perfectly

Kevin Smith
CEO, Standard Life Investments (Hong Kong )
Standard Life managers (Hong Kong )

“Wanted to let you know that your presentation and interaction with our agents was excellent. Almost all of them were talking about it during our group dinner and believe they all learned what it will take for us to “Achieve More in 2004”.
Thanks again.

Kevin Bulger
MCC Transport Singapore Pte Ltd

David I thought the content of the session was absolutely spot on and the style of delivery was exactly as I wanted for that particular audience. Feedback I have received from some of the delegates has also been extremely positive. Many thanks

Carole Ohl
Human Resource Manager – International Franchises
Marks and Spencer UK/ International

Everest Challenge: Finding The Balance was right on target. Given our short amount of time together.., David and his team were still able to bring together several elements relevant to my business and personal life. The debrief after each session was particularly helpful, and provided an opportunity to apply the experience to real-life scenarios. The “Leap of Faith” was great – reminded me that getting to the top isn’t easy, especially when your next step is taking a giant leap!

Lisa Larson Lee,
American Association of Singapore/ Connexions

Thank you so much for an unforgettable and life changing experience. I think I have walked away from the Everest Challenge with a special learning experience that I can reflect on many times over and apply to my life for many years to come… I am grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in this event. Thank you again for making this event possible.

Veronica Groom,
American Association of Singapore/ Connexions

“Very few people have the ability to capture people’s hearts and minds and truly inspire them— to dream larger dreams and set their goals higher than they thought possible. As a result of your deeds, courage, and determination, you have earned this rare, wonderful power. On behalf of all of us at HP Services, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Seeing and hearing you describe your adventures— both the accomplishments and adversities— gave everyone at our Leadership Summit a shining example to follow. ”

Ms. Lien Siaou-Sze
Senior Vice –President Asia Pacific
Hewlett- Packard Operations

Ministry of Finance officers in the Crevasse Crossing challenge “On behalf of our Reuters Asia Management team, I would like to thank you for your
inspirational opening of our regional management meeting. The laws of team membership and motivating a team were highly appropriate topics and your style of delivery injected with a great sense of humour kept us all on the edge of our seats. In times where many companies, Reuters included, are changing their structures from ” expedition style ” to ” alpine style” many of us will be able to apply the lessons learned in our daily business life and your thoughts on leadership will be an inspiration”

Jan Coos Geesink
Managing Director
Reuters Asia Pacific

From Inspirational Speaking to Experiential Learning Programmes – Let Everest Motivation Team help you reach your desired outcomes “Your presentation ” Seeking A Breakthrough: Lessons From Everest” provided insights on team and self-leadership … 162 of the 332 National Library Board staff who attended Leaders 2002 submitted feedback which was rated on a six-point scale with 1 being ” Very Poor” and ‘ 6’ being “”Excellent”.
91.4% of the respondents rated 5 or 6 for your Presentation and
88.1% of the respondents rated 5 or 6 for your Content.
The majority gave a ‘6’ for both presentation and content. Comments included:
“Practical, motivating and really warmed my heart”
“Gotta have David Lim back again”
” ..a charismatic speaker”

Lai Yeen Pong
Director, Policy Integration + Research,
National Library Board

“Many thanks for your contribution to the Ethics Day. As you realised, it has been well received and I appreciate very much your willingness to contribute…….”

Prof. Henri-Claude Bettignies
Programmme Director
INSEAD Business School

“ Thanks for the highly inspiring and motivational presentation you gave at our partners summit in Kuala Lumpur. Without a doubt, it was very well received.”

Adelyne Loke
Marketing Communications, Asia South
Sun Microsystems

“The presentation itself was very educational and inspiring. We could see that an expedition such as this MUST have come about with thorough and detailed planning and organising. Good skills must have been employed. In a way, the Team Empowerment which you talked about reflected our own
organisation. We both agreed that we must “let go” in order that the team/organisation can go ahead and grow. … Listening to you confirms our own belief that empowering our front line co-workers will help them to be more confident and also very productive….We learnt from your talk that if we were to help one another, we will get a better result in the end and are happier as individuals and as a team. I know that you had to make many painful sacrifices in favour of your team goal. I have illustrated to my colleagues after your talk that we do not need to have a “crisis” in order to work together. We can and we must work closely together all the time. ”

Philip Wee
General Manager
IKEA Singapore


“Your talk was enlightening and informative and your chosen topic Survival At the Edge: Lessons From Mt Everest was especially relevant to this year’s Workshop theme “Winning the Right to Survive”. Feedback from 42 senior Chief Information Officer participants was very positive with 20% giving you an “excellent” and 50% rating your presentation good ”

Angelina Fernandez
Accenture Pt Ltd (Singapore) – formerly Andersen Consulting

“Our sincere thanks for outstanding presentations both in UK and Sweden. We are very pleased with everything, but most important, our clients feed-back has been overwhelming. At our distributors meeting in Glasgow, with as you know, participants not only from Europe and USA, but also from Asia and Australia, many were very impressed by your performance …..”

Bertil Allard
Managing Director,
CAMP Scandinavia AB
Helsingborg, Sweden

We ( the group from TeleTech ) found your presentation highly motivational from two main perspectives; the first being that if you are focused and determined you can overcome massive obstacles and secondly; that with discipline a team can achieve team objectives even though this may mean sacrifices from individuals.

Andrew Pearce
CEO Asia, TeleTech