Internal Programming

How can we manage to better ourselves and our teams? One area that is rich in possibilities is how we perceive our world through our many, and complex internal programming and primary filters.

I am, by nature, a reasonable risk taker and see life very mush as a ” towards’ person ie I’m motivated and influenced positively by seeking opportunities and achieving goals by exploring scenarios and plunging ahead. This runs counter with someone who might be skewed in the opposite direction, one who might seek to succeed by having an ” away” mindset where success is measured by avoiding mistakes and pitfalls along the way. Both types on internal programming have contextual strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of how I perceive my world through sight, sound, taste or motion, I’m not a person who relies or is influenced significantly by kinesthetics ( hence I’m a lousy dancer and have mediocre co-ordination ).

A few weeks ago, I was having a dip in the Sea of Marmara, just outside Istanbul. A business associate of mine, Sinan, who was hosting me at his summer home; remarked how the small jellyfish in the waters were harmless. Yet, my very strong internal programming refused to accept this; overcoming my usual ” towards” outlook at situations. I was, in short, rather afraid of being stung. Finally, after seeing ( I am heavily ” visual ” ) one such creature scooped by hand with no ill-effects, did I rely on ” touch” to sense that the rubbery, gel-like textures were, indeed harmless.

Thus, a simple lesson. If you want to appeal to me or influence me, try using strong visuals since I’m often less convinced by kinesthetics. How strongly influenced are you by certain programs you run unconsciously ( e.g. ALL jellyfish are lethal )?

There are many internal programmes. some of which might be whether you tend to be a ‘ big picture’ vs ‘details’ person. Or perhaps you might be one who likes ‘ options’ vs. ‘ procedures’ and so on

How influenced are you my one particular primary sense filter e.g. sight or internal programme? When do you think these could be an advantage in helping you communicate or relate better with a client or colleague? Are our programmes merely internal or are they infernal, when they rule us? You decide.