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479608_54799494Many buy side and sell side professionals lose clarity in pursuit of the deal. When deciding on whether or not to negotiate, plan ahead as to what you walk-way fee or price would be or what package would clinch a deal. Poor negotiators begin a negotiation even if the money discussed falls into the negative fee range. What do we mean by negative fee range.?Assume you charge $10000 for a service or product, and you know you will profit when you sell it at any price over $7000. Your cost price is $6000. And between $6000- and $7000 is your breakeven price after factoring some other costs. When offered $5000, you should not even consider negotiating as the price offered is in the ‘negative’ zone ie you will lose money no matter how you negotiate this amount; unless you can get it to $6000+.

Now at $7500 for example, the price offered is in the ‘positive’ zone. This means even if you accept the first offer as a seller, you will make a profit; and it is likely you might be able to get a higher price.

So, when negotiating, consider if you are in the positive or negative zones even before entering a negotiation

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David Lim
Chief Motivation Officer
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Most buy/sell side professionals are failing to get what they deserve simply because of a poor understanding of how to negotiate fees and terms effectively. Applying just ONE of the skills you will learn at our in-house or public seminars can help you succeed in your next negotiation.

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I want to acknowledge your effort in the last 2 days in delivering a very relevant and useful negotiation workshop. I personally picked quite a few practical tips. Additionally, thanks for your help in preparing me for the negotiation meeting I was going to have.

David Wee
Managing Director,
Lee Hecht Harrison (Singapore)

Our  Negotiating to Win™ workshop teaches you how to:

Negotiate more effectively immediately
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Our Shanghai office is in its sixth month now and is delighted to entertain your requests for team development solutions for 2011. Contact our bilingual country head, and chief facilitator for China.  Our revamped website now not only has an archive of all the Life Without Limits leadership articles, but also a great shopping page for all those audio-CD,s business simulations and DVDs you have bought either at conferences or throgh pre-event arrangements. We ship worldwide.

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” Your motivational speech at Suntec City last year….was really good… that part that I liked most is the key quality of being a leader … that you must WANT IT… it’s really difficult if you don’t.

Low Jiaren
Hewlett Packard
Enterprise Services Marketing Team for APJ.
Many thanks for this, the event yesterday certainly exceeded my expectations
Julian Blake
Quality Assurance Manager – WONA
Shell International Eastern Trading Co


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The Everest Motivation Team crew and David Lim were busy in Feb 2011 delivering our signature programmes such as Lessons from Everest to clients Such as Shell, MINDEF, and British American Tobacco, as well as serving our licensees of our proprietary leadership development simulation, Everest Challenger™

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