Against Giants


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AGAINST GIANTS, is the 2nd book by mountaineer and author David Lim, and is the sequel to MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB

In AGAINST GIANTS, David recounts living a life changed after being paralysed, and then discharged from a 6-month stay in a hospital. Grappling with his new disabilities, he plans a return to his former life of mountaineering, as well as a new dream to inspire and give hope to others. The story is told with flashbacks covering a time-span of 10 years.

David, after recovering from his serious bout with a rare neurological disorder in 1998, is now a partially disabled person.  Yet, what is remarkable is that he does not believe in allowing such a set-back to deter him from his passion – climbing mountains again.  I hope this effort of David Lim will give encouragement to others, similarly afflicted with disability, to overcome their handicap and strive for excellence in their chosen sphere of endeavour.

— His Excellency President S R Nathan, President of the Republic of Singapore


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