Everest Challenger®

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Product Description

Climb your own “ Everest” with Everest Challenger®!
Introducing for the first time in the world, a great, fun, interactive teambuilding and leadership tool geared towards:

– Workshop/seminar leaders
– Project management professionals
– Educators and teachers
– Human resource development officers
– Facilitators
– Adventure-learning / experiential educators
– Consultants

In Everest Challenger® , teams of between 5-7 participate in an indoor table-top challenge simulating the leadership dilemmas, challenges and team behaviours to take your team to the top (while keeping your integrity!).

CLIENTS – who have used Everest Challenger™ include:

– International Flavours and Fragrance(IFF)
– FEDEX’s global leadership institute (USA licensee)
– Bunge
– L’Oreal
– Rane(India)
– Taiwan Sports University (our North Asia licensee)
– University of Georgia (USA licensee)
– Kwazulu Natal University (South Africa licensee)
– Blue Peaks Consulting (South Africea licensee)
– Hundred Camps Pvt Ltd (India licensee)

Teams will ‘climb’ Mt Everest with almost all the authentic constraints of an expedition, brave foul weather and other obstacles. With the assistance of the workshop leader, teams will question their own assumptions on matters such as:

– Leadership effectiveness
– Team dynamics and selection
– Collaborative vs. competitive behaviours
– Risk vs reward attitudes

With a great half-day format for the game, experiential learning facilitators or workshop leaders can use this tool to provoke further progress on conference goals, optimise energy levels in lengthy meetings or multi-day events and/or draw metaphors to the advantage of the meeting’s outcomes. The game is ideal of those aged 18 and above

Great for:
Teambuilding indoors
Workshop participants desiring a more cerebral experiential challenge
Optimising energy levels of multi-day meetings
Motivating staff
Giving new insights, and a complement to any existing leadership or team development process

Workshop leaders will benefit from a detailed facilitator manual, guide cards, video clips and dedicated online support to help them introduce a new way to develop teams and have fun at the same time. Depending on georgraphical location, a train-the-facilitator programme may also be conducted. Licensing and upgrade options exist.


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