As 2006 avalanches off to a finish in couple of weeks; arising from the horizon is 2007. Instead of New Year resolutions which are often such a waste of time ( when was the last time you made one, or know of someone who made one and carried it through ? ). SelfHelp magazine states that only 30% are successful while others state 90%. Ditch New year resolutions.

What you want are goals instead. Goals transcend seasonality, and rushed- thinking. here are my Top Tips on getting your goals in 2007.

Tip1: Create Crystal Clear goals that you can own
Formulate goals which are exciting, framed positively in that you can state the goal as a positive and not something like ” I dont want to be lazy “. Imagine a specific timeframe in which to achieve it. Then take responsibility ( as much as possible ) to get it done. Weak goals are those that rely too much on you getting, persuading other people to do this or that

Tip2: Plan ahead.
A goal that is worth and helps you is one which you have mulled upon for while and the New Year is a great time to sit down and put a plan, with intermediate stages and goals to get you where you want to go

Tip3: Decide you will do it
many of you will NOT succeed because you didn’t decide to do it. You hummed and haw-ed, and mentally said you would ” try” to do it. Putting “try” into this equation amounts to a sneaky and unproductive backdoor to excuse yourself from getting the goal achieved.

Tip4: Make a commitment to someone you respect that you will achieve the goal
Whoaaaa! This one will really make you feel accountable

Tip5: Create more than one goal in your plan
As you get closer to achieving the easier goals, the feeling of achievement will help you move more effectively towards your more challenging one

Good luck ( though I think you tend to create your own luck most of the time ) and let me know of your successes in the months ahead. Ready? Steady? Go!!!

Have a Happy Holiday and New Year!