Understanding Your Higher Purpose

I am the caregiver to a number of dogs and cats. I’m fascinated by the simplicity of their lives. Have you observed how cats and dogs often just do what they know they should be doing? Cats will explore with curiosity, hone their tracking and pouncing skills, nap when sleepy and eat when they are hungry. Dogs will want your attention and give you heaps of unconditional love, not to mention barking often to in challenge, excitement or in defense. We can learn a lot from them not by what they do but by looking at how they are so at home with what they are.

As human beings, we often forget that we are not human doings but human beings. A cat or dog is completely comfortable with themselves as they have far simpler higher purposes. As a conscious, functioning human, how much time do you focus on simply being ( instead of trying to define yourself by doing things like defining yourself by your job title or function in society.

For a minute consider just being. Reflect on your higher purpose, And if you believe in a greater being or a creator, consider what you were made to do in this short time we have on earth. Perhaps some focus is needed on being the best parent ever, or the best teacher, or a combination of several other life purposes. The ‘doing; follows.

Figured it out yet? Sometime we need some personal crisis to find out what we were made to do. Some times the realisation is longer in coming. Whichever the case, think. Think hard about your greater purpose. You will find this will begin to drive your actions. Your higher purpose may be often long -hidden by what society wants you to do instead of what you were meant to do.

Have courage, as courage will help you understanding the greatest of things – your higher purpose in life.