Winning, Not Whining Through Hard Times, Part 2

In November, I described the amount of catastrophising happening in the media spilling over into our daily language. I covered developing perspective, supportive networks, and being careful with your language – which can create perceived realities not in synch with reality. In this 2nd part, you will learn that the following mindsets can help blow apart the “doom and gloom” brigade.

So, from moving from whining to winning, here are some skills you need to exercise:

1) Learning to Let Go.

Want a more empowered team?  Getting over a failed relationship? Perhaps a loved one has died?  Or a job has been lost? Buddhism teaches us about ‘ detachment’ – where grief and suffering is caused by over-attachment to things that  don’t last forever. We can learn from this, and stop losing sleep over values wiped off our stocks, amongst other things. Celebrate what we have, enjoy life for the moment, stop to smell the roses – life is short. This does not mean we should not grieve over loss or failure. But move on – as quickly as possible, while respecting we need to grieve if for a moment or learn from an experience. Letting go also means trusting someone else to get something done. If you cant trust, you can’t let go. Take small steps, believe you can do it

2) Give problems a nod, then move towards your perfect world.

Acknowledge a problem, then quickly move towards finding resources, and fresh approaches to your perfect world/solution. One of the great failings counselling and other traditional methods is that many processes spend too much time in the realm of the ” problem” instead of quickly addressing what someone wants instead. So stop talking about the problem, but look towards what you want instead, and dig deep for solutions.