LAWS OF CONNECTION: why being socially connected matters!

Studies in human resilience (Werner, Smith, Russell) show another key dimension of personal ability to cope with change without becoming dysfunctional is the ability to be socially connected. Being socially connected helps youths and adults rely of a network of support, physical and psychological, in overcoming daily and catastrophic changes. Werner’s 30 year study on resilience showed youths in risk environments often succeeded because of a single, stabilising and positive relationship ( often a single parent ). So what have you been doing to up your Resilience Quotient?

Consider the growing impersonal nature of life on our cities and the lack of community responsibility or spirit – and their impact in tough times

A few things YOU ( yes, you! ) can do to help others and yourself.

a) Be accessible- instead of blocking people from your life, learn to filter those who you can be polite to, and those whom you wish to have, or continue a relationship. Be open to meetings, lunches and fun – where possible . Make an effort

b)Be part of a community – be it your spiritual, sporting or professional circle, ask yourself when ( if ever ) you participated in networking or activity session. The past few recessions have shown better-connected people do better in terms of seeking help, advice or referrals when time are bad.

c) Strengthen and grow your network of those close and far — know just who are merely business acquaintances, and those who should be closest and dearest to you. As one person described it: ” relationships are like trees, you need to water them from time to time with your presence so they can thrive”. Call that friend or relative and ask them out for a meal – do it today.