Being Pro-Active Pays Off!

Studies in human resilience (Russell, Henderson,Siu ) show one of the key dimensions of personal abilities to ccope with change without becoming dysfunctional is the ability to be pro-active. This refers largely to developing an attitude that places the onus on us to take responsibility for our outcomes. Some quick pointers to help you this month:a) Don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen.
Much handwringing can be avoided if we don’t care who does the job so long as it gets done, and that the outcome is the one we wanted. Apportioning credit et al can be, is so wished , done later. But if a task that is critical to success is left undone, no one can succeed

b) Plan your action instead of waiting for things to happen.
As they say fail to plan and you plan to fail. Take stock of where you want to be, and look at specific steps to get there

c) The act of being pro-active suggests you have an anticipation that you action will bring the desired results. Just this action may well enhance your self-efficacy -that you are going to succeed to some extent in whatever that you do

d) Being pro-active focuses your energy.
Energy flows where attention goes, as directed by intention. By making our intention known and taking action, we dissipate less energy in wasteful and unconstructive activities

Let me know if any of these pointers have made a different to you today.