Quick Tips in Overcoming Daily Challanges

Here are some easy to remember steps in tackling adversities.

ONE: identify the nature of the challenge e.g scolding by the boss, teenage child tantrum, missed bus.

TWO: allow yourself to feel frustrated for a minute or less – no more. This might be the hardest part to do…THREE: Check what you believe about the challenge or setback in relationship with your desired outcomes. Inother words, put some perspective in what you are facing. Is the setback ‘ fatal’ to your success? What resources do you have to overcome, sidestep this setback or problem? How massively impactful is it – really – in your ultimate goal? Research has shown that people who learn to wallow in helplessness will become helpless. People who look towards setbacks as external forces that they can tackle – get better results.

Your beliefs will affect your future actions ( or inaction ) leading to results. If you dislike the results you are getting now when you reacting the same way to the same old stuff at home or in the office, than you might want to strat changing these beliefs.

FOUR: Challenge your disempowering beliefs. Will the boss ” never change”? Really? Do your kids ” always misbehave”? Look closely at the language you are using. You might be the biggest catastrophiser in your life!