KA-CHING! Add Five Figures To Your Income With Products


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Product Description

Targeted at speaking professionals, subject matter experts, workshop leaders and consultants, Ka-ching! Forms the 3rd part of the David Lim Professional Speaker series of educational and profitable audio-CDs.
Over 25 minutes, learn:

  • How to Create a “Product Pyramid”
  • How to create quick-to-market products your clients will love, and pay for
  • How to create mid-priced, high value products to up your profits over any engagement and programme
  • How to use products to leverage workshop and speaking engagement sales
  • When to create a high end product that sell for over $2000 that brands your skills and company, and create passive income for the future
  • Tips on how to sell to an audience without offending them
  • Tips on how to Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em, and Lock ‘Em into your sales

David Lim, CSP,  shares a decade of experience  in supplementing your income by monetizing income though the creation and sale of products in the real and virtual world


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